Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

On Monday afternoon, my doctor gave me the okay to travel to Spirit Lake for the 4th of July!  Conor has been working long hours lately, so it was a much needed vacation.  When we arrived at my parents cabin, my dad had a tentative itinerary written down; oh, I am just like my father.  Conor & I helped add to it throughout our week, and then we completely gave up by the end.  I thought it would be fun to only post our schedule and some pictures to go along!  Things I learned after reviewing the itinerary: we do a lot of welcoming...  Enjoy the craziness that is the Simpson Family!

Tuesday - July 3
3:00-3:30  Keenan Family Welcome Ceremony (and toasts)

5:30-6:30 Darts Practice Rounds / Mojitos or Margaritas?

7:00  Dinner

8:30  Pregnancy & Birthing Update (Q & A with Conor)

Wednesday - July 4
All day intermittent jigsaw puzzling: Laura's choice

8:00  Lattes & Miller's Maple Bars / Gin Fizzes?

11:00-1:00 Spirit Lake 4th of July Parade

1:00-1:05 Optional Tour of Downtown Spirit Lake

1:05-2:00  Free Time: bikes, kayaks, badminton, etc.

2:00-4:00 Party Boat Ride with Ryan, Chelsea, Linnea, Miles, & baby Hadley

4:00 Uncle Tom's Arrival & Welcome

4:00-5:30 Spirit Lake Championship Dart Tournament & Beer & Mancave Bratwurst Sampling

6:30 Dinner

7:30-8:00  Boat Ride Prep

8:00 9:12 (sharp)  Business Casual Boat Ride / Fireworks & Fire on the dock!

*All times are subject to unexpected visits by Scaper*

Thursday - July 5
9:00 Breakfast at Annie's Country Kitchen

10:30  Lawn mowing, dock assessment, & puzzling

12:00  Exercise & Boat Ride Prep

1:00  Lunch & Booze Cruise

5:00  Uncle Tom / Courtney & Taylor Arrival for Post 4th of July Party - Conor to explain the circumstances surrounding the mysterious Simpson deck fire of last night

6:30 Pizza Dinner / Boci Ball (Conor won)

8:30 Fire in the Pit - S'mores

Friday - July 6
7:00 Conor flies with Uncle Tom

8:30  Maple Bars Banana Bread & Lattes

9:00  Dump Run  Emergency Dentist Appt

9:30  11:00  4 mile Trail Walk

12:00  Dump Run for boys / Grocery Store for girls

12:30 Gin Fizzes

1:30 Party Boating (boat tour of Spirit Lake)

4:00  Free Time

5:30  Tony & Cindy Higley for Cocktail Hour

7:00 Dinner (Beer Can Chicken)

8:00  S'mores (again...the pregnant lady is craving them)

9:00  Game of Scott's Choosing

Saturday - July 7

8:30  Round of Golf at Twin Lakes for the boys

9:00  Hayden Lake Farmer's Market for the girls

1:00  Ryan, Chelsea, Stephanie, John, & baby Hadley Welcoming

2:00 Party Boat Lake Tour

5:00  Downtown Spirit Lake Pub Crawl with Fried Pickles

7:30  Dinner (Flank Steak)

8:30 S'mores...again

9:00  A sampling of all alcoholic beverages begins

10:30  Pregnant lady hits the sheets...

11:00  Chaos (ie. walking on hot coals)

Sunday - July 8

9:00  Miller's Maple Bars & Omelet Bar courtesy of Conor

9:30  Nap Time (for babies & those with a hangover)

10:00  Shari's Farmer's Market

11:00 Pack up the Car

12:00  Keenan Send Off :'(