Friday, January 28, 2011

Robbie Fox

January has been a fun month for Conor & I.  We have mostly been enjoying the sunshine we have down here in AZ and exploring a little bit more.  This Christmas was full of many Groupon presents, so we have had many date nights at new places.  Here's a little look at our January!

We had our first round of golf of the new year!  72 degrees is perfect golfing weather, and I even got a little tan while we were out.  We played at a course down in Casa Grande (where Conor works).  The course was surprisingly empty, which is good for me since I still tend to take awhile getting through 18 holes.  At about hole 6, an older gentleman named David showed up behind us and wanted to join.  I warned him that my skills weren't top notch but he didn't seem to care.  The pressure was on.....luckily I did alright and only had a few whiffs!  At least I'm over being embarassed about it.  We barely squeezed in a full round before it was dark, so we had to rush through the last few holes.  However, we did get some fun sunset shots.  You are not allowed to make fun of my swing, I am still a beginner!

On Sunday of this same weekend, I got up early (ish) and made Conor & I a big breakfast as we prepared to watch the Seahawks vs. Bears game.  Earlier in the week, I spotted some maple blueberry breakfast sausage at Whole Foods that I was pretty excited to try.  And delicious it was, although I might have overcooked it a little bit...oops!  Along with eggs, toast, and champagne, we were full.  The Seahawks had a rough loss, which was disappointing, but we had quite a fun day nevertheless. 

In between football games and during halftime, we headed to our backyard for a fierce Blongo competition.  My brother Jon got this for us for Christmas and it has gotten plenty of use already.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Blongo, it's also referred to as ladder ball.  Every family should own a set, it is endless fun!

Another weekend, we went out on Mill Ave in Tempe for a "groupon" date.  The spot: Canteen Modern, a tequila bar and restaurant that hasn't been open for too long.  Everything was super tasty, and it was a very fun atmosphere.  We will definitely be heading back, especially as the weather warms up even more because they have lots of outdoor seating.  On our walk back to the car, we strolled past an irish pub called Robbie Fox that we just had to walk into.  Strongbow was on tap, so I was already a big fan!  It was pretty crowded, but we managed to find two open stools at the outdoor bar.  Immediately upon my sitting down, this obnoxious, drunk, smokey, older guy started chatting it up with me.  He had a thick irish accent and quite a dirty mouth.  I knew right then that this night was fixin' to get interesting!  He told me he was THE "Robbie Fox", owner of the pub.  I really didn't believe him at first due to how drunk he was, but I was wrong.  He soon became our best friend, talking nonstop for a good hour.  Although a little crazy, he was absolutely hilarious!  We covered a variety of subjects, one of which was the loss of the Seahawks....or in his words the Sh**hawks.  After one drink, we needed to head home, so we said goodbye to our good friend Robbie Fox and promised to return...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

What better way to deal with the Christmas being over blues than with a wedding!  Hello Wedding Season 2011!  With many friends engaged and save-the-dates hitting our mailbox, it looks like it's going to be another busy year.  No complaints from me...I LOVE WEDDINGS!!!

Kicking off the season: Curt & Michelle's wedding at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane

Conor flew back to Spokane Thursday night to begin the wedding festivities.  We went straight to the Safari Room in the Davenport Towers to join some of the wedding party and the bride and groom's family for cocktails.  It was fun to meet everyone before the rehearsal dinner the following evening.  We didn't stay out too late, since Conor had already worked a full day, and we wanted to be well rested for the next two nights.

Friday night Conor & I popped into the Post Street Ale House to watch the beginning of the Eastern Washington vs. Delaware football game.  The bar was packed and Conor was the only person cheering for the blue hens.  Luckily he only received a few dirty looks and didn't ruffle anyone's feathers too much.  It was a great game (with Eastern winning), but we didn't get to see the whole game since we had a rehearsal & dinner to get to. 

After the rehearsal, there was a little bit of time before dinner was starting.  Conor & I, our friends TJ & Erin, and the bride & groom made a pit stop for a cocktail at Rain.  We figured since the bride & groom were with us, the dinner wouldn't start til they were there.  I quickly sipped on my favorite Rain cocktail: the plumtini on the rocks!

The rehearsal dinner was held at C.I. Shenanigans which is located on the Spokane River.  I had never been before even though I've heard lots of good things about it.  The place was elegant and dinner quite tasty.  It was such a fun night to spend with friends and help them celebrate! 

Before we ended the night, TJ & Erin came with Conor & I to the Elk.  I was craving a cider and everyone else wasn't quite ready for the night to be over...

After sleeping in, Conor headed downtown to join all the boys in the wedding.  While they were "getting ready" and having pictures taken, I joined my family at Tonicx to watch the Seahawks play the Saints!  I was having a rough morning but a couple bloody mary's fixed me up.  There's a great crowd at Tonicx which made for a really fun atmosphere for watching the game.  As we all know, the hawks won!  The game went a little longer than I expected, so I had to quickly change into a dress in the back office and get my buns downtown in a hurry for the wedding. 

The ceremony was beautiful with my favorite being a reading from the Velveteen Rabbit.  The reception was in the Marie Antoinette Room in the Davenport.  The evening was wonderful!  The bride looked gorgeous and the couple so genuinely happy.  I couldn't be happier for Curt & Michelle!  We ended the night with some dancing and then hit the sheets...we were exhausted.

Sunday we spent packing up more of our christmas & wedding gifts.  We are getting very close to finally having everything in AZ but aren't quite there yet.  We took a break from all the packing and headed to my brother Ryan's for brunch with he and Chelsea.  He made the Simpson Family favorite: breakfast sausage casserole.  Mmmm it was exactly what I needed the morning after the wedding.  Ryan & Chelsea are both very busy, so we don't get to do things like this very often.  It was very special and we had lots of fun being lazy on a Sunday with them.  After a few mimosas we had to say our goodbyes...we might not be making it back to Spokane for a few months...but hopefully we'll be having lots of visitors!  It's hard to leave after having been there for 3 1/2 weeks.

On our way to the airport we stopped into El Que one more time.  We have been inspired and have already started infusing our own tequilas.  I'll fill ya in our homemade creations soon!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello 2011

Conor & I started off the new year by driving to Spirit Lake to meet up with my parents.  It was a long drive since the roads were still icy.  When we were less than an hour away from our destination we got stuck behind some young girl who was driving intolerably s...l...o...w.  Our road rage was beginning to get the best of us... Due to quick thinking, Conor was able to distance us from the said road hazard we were back in action. Alas, we arrived at my parent's cozy cabin in one piece!

We had a fun night full of catch prase, which the boys won, while enjoying my mom's famous margaritas.  Conor brought some ground venison with us from his dad and brothers hunting freezer. I was quite nervous about it...but finally agreed to try.  He made some venison sliders which were actually quite tasty.  Maybe next time I'll be ready to try a venison steak, we'll see.  It was a very relaxing evening which was nice to have before Conor had to leave for AZ the next day.  Sunday was spent packing up all Conor's things and Christmas gifts, figuring out how to get everything on the plane in a minimal number of bags.  Conor is a master packer, so miraculously we made all of his things, some of my things, a considerable amount of remaining wedding gifts all fit: two checked bags and two carry-ons. 

His flight wasn't til later that night, and it was delayed (surprise surprise), so we got to attend the Tonicx employee Christmas party.  It was held out at Quest Casino, where we had a private back room to watch the Seahawks game on a ginormous TV!  What a game!  Everyone was pretty excited and ready to celebrate.  We didn't stay too late since we had to get Conor to the airport.  On our way out, Conor put $20 on red (as he frequently does when we're in a casino) and won!  Cash for cocktails on the way home I suppose.

While Conor was back in AZ for a few days, I had a chance to catch up with friends and spend more time with family.  Ryan & Chelsea had my parents and I over for dinner on Monday.  This was the first time I got to see their new place up on five mile.  Dinner was swedish meatballs (my dad's favorite) which we enjoyed with a couple different bottles of red wine.  Throughout the evening Linnea entertained us with many beautiful drawings of everyone around the table having "cheese and wine", as well as a fashion show of many princess dresses.  She is just adorable!  I have so much fun with her, and am always sad to leave since she grows up so much in between my visits.

On Tuesday night, I went to my Grandpa's house with my mom.  He is 91 years old and one of the happiest people I know.  He knows how much I enjoy champagne so he always has a bottle chilling for us when I come over.  I also have a sweet tooth like him, so he shares his treats with me.  Two favorites:  chocolate covered cherries & turkey joints (the absolute best candy ever and you can only find them in Rome, NY)!  We went to Geno's for dinner so I could get my fix of the great italian food that I grew up dining on with my grandparents.  I had such a wonderful time and can't wait to do it again.  My grandpa has such a positive outlook on things;I always feel so happy after spending time with him!

Later that week, my mom and I got together with some family friends, The Fraziers, for a couple glasses of wine.  Sarah & Anne Frazier used to babysit me when I was little.  Obviously a lot has changed since those's much more fun getting together now that I'm not just the little one in the room.  I hadn't seen them, or their mom Marty, is such a long time.  We had a lovely time catching up, and perhaps a few more glasses of wine than expected.  When girls and wine are's hard to end the evening!

Continuing our busy social schedule that week, my mom and I got together with another family friend, Susan Crumb, for lunch.  We went to Clinkerdaggers again since we were all craving their french onion soup.  When I discover I like something, it is the only thing on my mind for at least a month or two.  Right now if french onion soup is on the menu, I'm ordering it for sure!  That same day I got together with my friend Kyra for dinner.  We had lots to catch up on.  Her husband is in real estate and they flip houses together, so quickly our conversation turned to that.  Conor & I hope to look into buying a house when we move to Seattle, so Kyra gave me lots of advice on what we should start doing now to plan for that.  It got me so excited to start the process, but unfortunately we are still 13 months away from our move.  Although there is plenty of research to do in the mean time.

After spending the week without Conor, I was anxious for him to be back in Spokane.  I picked him up at the airport late Thursday night, where we quickly began the festivities for our friends' Curt & Michelle's wedding weekend!  A post on that to come!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Moustache Christmas

The day after Christmas, Conor & I were up early to make the drive to Bigfork, MT for Christmas Part II: Keenan style.  After packing up all our stuff, we stopped at Jacob's Java for some coffee and steamed bagels.  That's right, steamed bagels...the best way a bagel comes.  It just melts in your mouth.  A perfect snack for the trip.  The roads were really icy which made for a stressful drive; I slept most of the way, so I wouldn't have a heart attack!  During our trip, we got stuck behind plows twice, which really slowed us down, but eventually we were there.

Once at the Keenan house we were greeted with lots of hugs and one very excited little brother Ryan.  After chatting for awhile, Ryan's patience was wearing thin so we got straight into some present opening.  Once again I had so much fun watching everyone's faces while they opened their gifts.  It was another very successful Christmas.  One of my favorite gifts from the Keenan side: an amazing picture of  huckleberries in the shape of a heart lying in someone's hands.  Hard to explain, but beautiful to look at.  Huckleberries have always had some special meaning for Conor & I.  We go huckleberry picking every year together with Conor's grandpa and we did the day we got engaged.  Plus we just love huckleberries!

After a little relaxing, the rest of the Keenan's (Marissa, Sam, Aria, Grandpa Fred, & Aunt Caroline) came over to Bob & Suzie's for another Christmas feast.  We had prime rib again, no complaints here, but this time Bob cooked it using a method called Sou Vide.  I don't know that much about it, so I won't even try to explain it.  Delicious is all I need to say.  After dinner we enjoyed a huckleberry ice cream pie made by Sweet Peaks, Sam & Marissa's ice cream shop.  Ice cream cake is one of my favorite desserts, then add huckleberries and it is perfection.  This obviously wasn't a holiday for dieting. 

With dinner & dessert finished, and few empty bottles of wine, Conor pulls out a package of fake moustaches he purchased in downtown Bigfork.  Who knew this $3 purchase could be so much fun!  Here are few pictures of what insued after...oh and Kyle's moustache is real...

The following week was full of relaxing days and fun nights.  I got to see my best friend Amanda a couple days for lunch, which was so much fun since I hadn't seen her since October!  That's a really long time for us.  One afternoon we went to the Craggy Range in Whitefish for soup & herb infused bloody mary's martini syle.  Those drinks keep me coming back.

That same day we met up with Conor's family at Moose's Saloon in Kalispell for dinner.  I've always heard about this little gem, but for some reason had never made my way into yet.  So it was my first experience.  It was absolutely packed when we walked in, since everyone who was skiing up on the moutain seemed to have to come to Moose's that night.  We finagled our way to a large table which fit most of us, luckily.  We devoured a couple bowls of peanuts, throwing the shells right onto the sawdust floor which is standard practice at Moose's.  This is my kind of place.  The younger kids (and me!) sipped on draft rootbeer while everyone else made their way thru a few pitchers of beer while we patiently waited for our pizzas. 

Right as we were getting ready to leave, we spotted an interesting wanderer walking around with some dead animal's head on a walking stick.  The boys really wanted a picture with him, but got more than they bargained for when the guy smelled horrible, wouldn't stop talking, and then started asking for a beer.  Nonetheless we got the picture and then got out of there!

note Ryan's full Carhart dinner suit

To continue our good eating, we went over to Sam & Marissa's house one night for dinner.  It was nice to spend time with just the two of them, and little Aria of course.  The steak dinner was fantastic as was expected since Marissa's food has never disappoints and Sam is the master of the grill.  And the wine, always a great compliment to any meal!  But the highlight of the night came later while we played a pretend game of "the sing off" with Aria.  I got to participate as well as be a judge.  The night was full of singing and dancing until we wore her out enough to be put  to bed.  Then the four us played a few competitive rounds of scrabble flash.  I'm pretty sure Marissa & I came out as the victors in that round of competition.  Some people just can't handle their wine and spelling at the same time!

Another night Bob, Conor, & I headed down to their property on the lake late at night to make a bonfire.  One of my favorite nights in Bigfork.  We bundled up in full snow gear (or at least I did), grabbed a bottle of wine and three glasses, and were on our way to a fun adventure.  It was a pretty chilly night, but we stayed close to fire and it was perfect.  After being with the whole family almost every night it was nice to have some time with just Bob.  It was such a beautiful night out.  Conor's camera had died by this point, and we forgot to bring the charger home with us, so unfortunately we don't have any pictures from that adventure.

Our last night in Montana was New Years Eve!  We started off the evening at a bowling alley for some good old fashion cosmic bowling.  I'm not great, but am happy if I bowl over 100 which I did one game so I was satisfied.  Conor always kicks my butt though, and that's never good since we're both so competitive.  I'll beat him one of these days!  Next, we headed to Sweet Peaks which closed at 8 that night.  This was our headquarters for the evening.  Here I started by ice cream eating binge which continued most of the night.  I alternated between strawberry champagne sorbet in my glass of champagne and the delicacy Sam made special for the occasion....real champagne sorbet.  I have never tasted something this good and could have eaten a couple of pints but restrained myself. 

We went to Wasabi Bistro for a late night sushi dinner.  They also had tom kha gai soup (still one of my current obsessions) on the menu which I was ecstatic about.  Our meal was complimented by a bottle of sparkling pinot noir which was appropriate for the evening.  The owner stopped by at the end of our meal with some free sake and then we were on our way out.  Most of the night was spent at Crush Wine Bar where Sam & Marissa's friend was the DJ.  It was definitely crowded but we found ourselves a little nook in the back and had a blast.  Lots of champagne for everyone.  After midnight we briefly popped into a dive bar called Caseys for a drink and some dancing til we looked around at the crowd and decided to head out.  It was back to Sweet Peaks for more ice-cream, some late night snacks, and then we all hit our air mattresses and sleeping bags. 

The next morning Sam made us all white chocolate lattes which got us moving, and we quickly headed back to Bigfork to pack up our stuff.  After lots of hugs good bye, we were on the road to Spirit Lake.  More adventures to come!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas with the Griswold's

Since Conor knows how much I love Christmas, he let me fly home to Spokane a week earlier than him to get in some good family time and holiday fun!  I have the best husband ever!  So on December 17th, I got on a plane to head home.  As always, my flight was delayed.....luckily I had a lengthy layover in Salt Lake City, so I still made my connecting flight.  First thing on the agenda: decorate the Simpson Family Christmas Tree!  I cannot remember the last time both my brothers showed up for this event, but this year was different.  The five of us had a blast, enjoying mimosas and christmas music.  Every year my Grandma gave us an ornament for Christmas so we each have our own collection which is fun to rediscover every year.  She has since passed, so my grandpa has taken over this duty and does an excellent job of selecting ornaments for us!

That night we all continued the fun at Tonicx (my brothers' bar).  They have a new martini menu that I quickly dove into, enjoying a strawberry basil drop!  A couple of friends stopped by which led to a late night out.  I love having everyone in town for the holidays.  The next morning, my parents and I headed to our lake cabin to enjoy a relaxing evening before all the Christmas mayhem began and to see all the new snow that had just started falling.  I helped my parents put up lights on their outdoor tree, assuming the standard Laura role of official holder-of-the-lights while Scott and Shari did the hanging and positioning.  I guess no one in my family trusts my light hanging skills!

The following week was full of shopping and lots of eating & drinking.  Downtown Spokane was beautiful with all the new snow.  I was so happy just walking around all bundled up, hearing the bells on shop doors ring as they were opened and closed, listening to Christmas music, and watching all the people out and about getting ready for Christmas.  My mom and I were quite prepared this year, so the week before Christmas we only had a few things to get done and therefore weren't too stressed out.  We popped into Clinkerdaggers one day while we were out shopping, to have lunch to see the restaurant beautifully decorated for Christmas as always.  We sat in the bar by the fireplace and enjoyed some incredible french onion soup and white wine.  Since then, I have been on a big french onion soup kick and plan on making a delicious homemade batch this week!

Every Christmas I help my dad with some of his shopping and wrapping.  Although this year he barely needed my assistance.  So after just two quick stops we decided to go out to dinner just the two of us!  A new restaurant had just opened on the South Hill, The West Wing, which is a sister restaurant to The White House in Post Falls.  Their food is known to be packed with garlic which is right up my Dad and my alley.  The place was quite busy, so we opted to sit at the bar where we had great service from the busy (but very capable) bartender.  We were very impressed, and I can't wait to go back. My dad and I don't have an oportunity to spend much time just the two of us, so this was quite a treat and we really had a wonderful evening.

Finally it was time for Conor to get into Spokane, and once again there were flight issues.  It was snowing hard in Spokane that night, so his plane had to circle the airport for an hour while they cleared the runways.  While my mom and I were waiting we snuck off to El Que, a great little taco & tequila bar.  This has become one of my new Spokane favorites.  We bellied up to the bar for some quick chicken tacos and interesting margaritas.  El Que infuses all of their tequilas in-house withksome standard and some very unique flavors...I have yet to be disppointed.  My mom sipped on a pineapple/vanilla marg while I had a ruby red one.  Both amazing!  Since Conor and I were successful with our infused vodka, I think tequila is going to be our next experiment.

That night the four of us watched Christmas Vacation, a Simpson Family tradition.  Even though I've seen it about 25 times it never gets old and always makes me laugh!  The whole family practically recites the entire movie, but no one complains, that's just how it goes.  Scott & Conor were making old fashions all night, which has become the drink of choice in the house.

Christmas Eve was a busy day, with last minute wrapping and lots of cooking to do for the extended family that was coming over that night.  This was Conor & my first Christmas together, and we wanted to incorporate some of his family traditions.  The Keenan's have oyster stew every Christmas Eve so Conor made some for all of us.  Almost everyone enjoyed it, but the real hit was the Chinese Tootsie Rolls he made.  An item off the menu of his family's restaurant that happens to be my personal favorite.  What isn't there to love about cream cheese, chives, and bay shrimp all put together in an egg roll wrapper dipped in sweet & sour sauce?  Every bite is to die for!  It was great having the entire family together.  Fun was had by all and then some I'm sure.  We played Catch Phrase late that night, with some family members doing much better than others...but we'll just leave it at that!

Eventually everyone hit the sheets so Santa could come!  Our Christmas Day is a little bit different since we have had to change our traditions over the years due to Jon's coffee shop being open (although he recently sold it) and now to coordinate plans with Ryan and his girlfriend Chelsea and her daughter Linnea.  So instead of waking up early and opening presents right away, we brave the chilly outdoor weather for the Simpson Family Christmas Walk.  I used to dread this, but now appreciate the slow pace on Christmas Day and seeing other families thru their windows and they sit by the tree and open presents.  Sometimes we even see a few neighbors in their just never know what you're going to get.

We didn't know we were going to be walking with what looked to be "congressman" Simpson

Back at the house we all sat down to a delicious brunch.  Our tradition is to make a dish called breakfast sausage casserole which is wonderful concoction of bread, cheese, eggs, sausage, and cream of mushroom soup.  Next year I'll be making this for the Keenans!  With full bellies and mimosas in hand we patiently waited for Ryan, Chelsea, and Linnea to arrive to let the present opening begin.  In the meantime, the tree and stockings were taunting me.  The past few years, my mom has been buying wrapping paper that all matches and adding fancy ribbons, it makes everything look so pretty!  In our family, even your stocking presents are wrapped and we open gifts one at a time.  I love this as it makes Christmas last longer and you get to see the look on everyone's faces as they open their gifts!

Once everyone had arrived my Dad & Conor started a fire.  This is no easy task since our chimney has been having some issues over the years and needs a little extra help.  But it's nothing a hair dryer can't fix, helping to blow the air up the chimney instead of into our family room.  This time only a little smoke made its way into the house, and we all nestled into our usual spots for present opening.

We ended the evening with a Prime Rib dinner accompanied by fresh horseradish, another one of my new favorite things.  It was a wonderful Christmas and one I will always remember.  Numerous memories were made and laughs had.  That night Conor & I slept soundly as we prepared to drive to Montana the next day to do Christmas all over again.  Details on that in the next post!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BK - RK - CK - LK

With a RMJGT Championship (Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour, now known as the Golfweek Junior Tour) on the calendar, Dad and Ryan hit the road through snow and ice from MT to AZ for a week of golf and relaxation. Unfortunately, cooler temperatures (by Arizona standards...) and some sporadic rain clouds hung around during their visit, but this didn't put a damper on a great week for Laura and the boys.

Live at The Boulders South Course! #1 fairway and green. Dad faired better on this hole as I miss calculated my yardage and crushed a wedge off the massive boulder behind the left side of the green...

Dad and Ryan hit the course during the week to try and shake the winter rust off while I hit the desk. But our evenings were full of great food, wine, and visiting. In typical BK style, I came home one evening to a Costco-stocked pantry and wine racks. Laura and I got a few different great wine-bottle-storing wedding gifts; I must admit, with our consumption rates, we have been having a difficult time building any stock... Dad must have noticed this and headed to Costco to help us out. A very nice surprise indeed, so thank you Dad! Laura flew out on the 17th to get some quality holiday time under her belt in WA before Christmas. So the casa de Keenan was quickly flipped from house to bachelor pad for the weekend.

Ryan getting out of trouble on the front 9, great spine angle and low & left hand position at the finish!

Ryan didn't have his best outing in the tournament (Fri and Sat) and tee times barely after sunrise, leaving a good warm-up out of the question, surely didn't help... But with one more year in his age group, steady growth as a player the last two years, and arguably the best golf swing in his tour, he is perfectly poised to have a break out year in 2011! His ball-striking was a bit off which could be expected coming out of hibernation, but by mid-round the second day his putting was back to lights-out as per the usual Ry-style. Except for one overly-aggressive 3-putt on the back, he drained a string of 15-20 footers to try to keep his round together. We'll chalk this tournament up in the "another good competitive golf experience" column and try to build on it to take 'em down in 2011!

All it took was one short cold snap for it to start to look like fall in AZ.

Friday BK and CK dropped off RK at the course ( I headed up to The Boulders to visit a family friend and to smack it around a bit between jumping cholla and massive rocks. North of Scottsdale, in Carefree, the course winds through a whole different sort of desert from what I see on the way to work South of Chandler. Although I know Laura isn't with me on this... I have really found a great appreciation for the desert, its beauty (especially when the sun scrapes its way above and below the horizon), and the diversity you find within it from one place to the next. Maybe someday she'll get there... Best of luck to Ry and Dad in the coming tour season, I can't wait to watch and cheer again soon. Maybe I can get them to sneak down in Feb for a couple rounds and some spectating together at the Phoenix Open?!

On Saturday, Dad and I followed Ryan around the course for his final round and then parted ways. They got an early jump on the drive, heading West over the new Hoover Dam bridge, having been warned of a massive snow-storm pounding the freeways up North.

I was home alone for the next couple days as I finished up work and some last minute Christmas gift shopping/making.
It will be Christmas-with-the-Simpsons in Spokane this year, then off to MT for the week of New Years with the Keenans and perhaps some QT at Moose's Saloon!

Over and out,