Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back to Back: Part I

Still playing catch up on the blog.... 

Anyways, Conor & I have been trying to get our San Diego friends to come to Arizona all summer, but with 115 degree temps it was a little difficult.  Finally, at the end up of September things  cooled off (temperatures only in the 90s), so they made the trip over.  Our friend Curt recently moved to San Diego, so he joined TJ & Erin for the trip.  Unfortunately, his wife currently lives in San Francisco so she wasn't able to join.  But we skyped her as much as possible!

The first of night of their visit, Erin & I  sat outside enjoying the nice weather and a few cocktails.  The boys were up to no good and spent most of the evening cruising the neighborhood on our new tandem bike!  Conor & I are very excited about it.  She needs a paint job (we're thinking candy red) and few other things done, but she runs just fine!

TJ looks like the happiest boy in the whole wide world!

Saturday started off with breakfast, and what else....gin fizzes, mmm!  Just a normal Saturday morning prefunk before our float down the Salt River.  After breakfast, Curt finally found the Smirnoff Ice I left on the shelf in his bedroom the night before.  Gotta love a nice, warm icing first thing in the morning!

Conor & I had floated the Salt River once before and had a blast, so I was really excited to do it again!  The whole thing is organized so well: a bus drops you off and picks you up, they provide the tubs, and you can bring whatever you want to eat or drink, just no glass!  And you get to listen to some pretty awesome music while on the bus...usually oldies courtesy of Rhonda!  I have no pictures because we didn't want the camera to get wet.  There were some pretty strong rapids, and people were flipping out of there tubes all the time!  But not me of course ;-)

That night we took everyone out to our favorite Thai restaurant.  The place was quite busy, and we didn't get the great service that we normally do...but the food was still delicious! The three of them love Thai food, so we were hoping this place would be up to their standards.  I'm pretty sure our guests were very happy since everyone was making yummy noises while eating, and we licked the plates clean!  Plus the extra round of drinks the owner bought us at the end of our meal helped a little too!

Once back at the house, everyone was pretty wiped out from being in the sun all day, so we just relaxed on the couch playing some Catch Phrase.  Except when you're as competitive as us, it's actually not that relaxing.  Erin & I kicked the boys butts as usual...we're just THAT good!

Sunday morning showed its face way too soon, as it always does.  We have such a fun time together, we never want the weekend to end!  So it was decided...Conor & I had no plans for the following weekend, so we were gonna road trip to San Diego!  At least we had the week to recover for more fun with T, E, & C!

Next up: Part II

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