Saturday, November 10, 2012

We're on the Move!

Yes, you read that right...  The Keenan's are moving again!  No, Conor hasn't joined the military nor are we secretly members of a traveling circus...   But after only a year in Seattle, we are packing up our home and moving to Salt Lake City!  No, we aren't converting to the Mormon faith either...

Conor has accepted a position as Material Control Manager with his current company Hexcel.  This is a huge promotion for him!  I am so proud of him and all his hard work & achievements!!!  Unfortunately, this position is in Salt Lake City.  Neither of us are thrilled about the move as we love Seattle and our house here, but we both understand that this is the best decision for our family and for advancing Conor's career.

Everyone wants to know when exactly we'll be making the move, which is still a little bit up in the air.  Conor will start commuting weekly to SLC starting next Monday, while Liam & I split our time between Spokane & Seattle.  We are planning on putting our house on the market as soon as possible and begin looking for a house in SLC.  With the holiday season upon us, I don't want the pending move to inhibit any of my holiday plans!  I will certainly be decking the halls regardless of how much actual time either of us will be at our house.  As of right now, we think we'll officially be leaving Seattle in early January.

We shall see where life takes us, but we would love to eventually find our way back to the Pacific Northwest (or Spokane or Montana).  Being close to family is important to us.  In the mean time, we are looking at this opportunity as another great adventure.  Wish us luck and COME VISIT!` :-)


  1. Laura, You are really showing a positive attitude about the move. I wish more young adults were like you and Conor. Best Wishes and congratulations on Conors promotion!

  2. You guys will do great - it's a beautiful city and you really are approaching this with the best attitude!! Be sure to get in touch when you're over here - would love to have you over for some appetizers and a holiday drink(s)! (: I love any and all reasons to get together over the holidays!

  3. Conor- I found your blog a few months ago through Kelly's and have been reading about your cute family. Congrats on the promotion. You will like Salt Lake. There are so many things to do year round. We are in Ogden (about a half hour away). I know it has probably been 10 years, but maybe we will have to run into each other some time. Best of luck to your whole family!