Thursday, December 2, 2010

Socks for Santa

Stockings.....ah one of the many wonderful parts of Christmas.  It's the holder of Santa's gifts!  My mom made all of my family's stockings, and she still has the same pattern so we can keep making stockings as our family grows.  This year Conor will finally have a stocking hanging over the Simpson family fire place!  Following tradition, I wanted to make Conor & I our own stockings to have at our house, now that this will be our first Christmas as a married couple. 

My mom & dad surprised me for my birthday and bought me a brand spanking new sewing machine!  I was so excited and have had so much fun using it already.  During a trip home to Spokane, my mom and I drove all over the city trying to find material for the stockings.  The pattern calls for a double-sided quilted material....which is very hard to come by at all, let alone in christmas colors or designs.  We came up empty handed, very frustrating.  Luckily, my mom has a friend who does quilting, and she volunteered to help me out!  My next trip to Jo-ann Fabric was much more exciting as I oogled all the christmas materials I had to choose from, now that I wasn't limited to already quilted fabrics.  Thank you so much Cindy Higley!  Before my visit ended, I had one sewing lesson from my mom and watched as she made Conor's stocking for Spokane.  Then it was back to AZ by myself to start this project.

I need to take this.....and make stockings!!!

With christmas music playing, sewing machine threaded, and glass of red wine in hand I was ready to sew!  I quickly learned that drinking wine doesn't go so well with sewing as your hands are busy...bummer.  Conor thinks I should sew more often ;-).  There were only a few mistakes that were easily fixed and the whole task was accomplished in 2 days!  I am quite proud of I bring you our christmas stockings...

Can't wait to see what Santa brings!

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