Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some guys just can't handle Arizona...

With the guest room freshly made and low 80's in the forecast for the weekend, what better time for more visitors!?

Our good friends Steve and Jessie picked up last minute flights from Delaware to spend some time in the Wild Wild West with us. The wheels touched down around 10:00 on Saturday morning and out walked what can only be described as a "frazzled" couple of Koellhoffers... Having barely survived a 5 hour, early morning, direct flight from Philadelphia after being seated separately, in middle seats, surrounded by screaming kids and authority-lacking parents... Who could blame 'em!?!? Lucky for them, Laura and I are practically black belts in guest recovery. We break it down into a simple four step process:

Step one: Mix up two (2) delicious home-infused herb vodka bloody mary's.
Step two: Pop the top of one (1) rejuvenating bottle of champagne.
Step three: Cheers/Slainte!
Step four: "Steve, Jessie... Go lay down on that beach blanket in the sun because you're going to need a power-nap before the board game beating that is coming your way!"

One hour later, the whole clan was refreshed and ready for some serious pinochle competition on the patio. Although it took a couple hands to shake off the rust, the Keenans were able to beat their teachers. This ended up being a bit of a theme this weekend, leaving Steve aching for a series of re-matches. Since it is our turn now, we vow to honor his requests and make an appearance as the away-team as soon as we are able to get back East to visit. We capped the night off Southwest-style with some margaritas and another great dinner just down the road at La Casa Blanca.

We were up fairly early the next morning for some breakfast and then off to South Mountain for a quick hike. Nothing too strenuous, just a short 3 mile treck on the trail to get a good cactus-fix and some neat views of the city.

Unfortunately, the little soft looking cactus laying on the ground that Jessie decided to pet turned out to be more "jumping cholla" cactus than it was "teddy bear cholla" cactus... Both names for the same plant but definitely not as cuddly as they look. These little suckers drop off of the main plant in small teddy-bear-leg sized sections and have really really sharp stems with microscopic barbs. Let's just say they practically "jump" off the plant into your hand. Not to mention that they are surprisingly painful and difficult to pull out. This may have been Jessie's first experience with the jumping cholla, but being my second... I don't have an excuse. I just can't help it; if it's a cool looking plant, I'm touchin it! But the cholla just got a whole lot less cool looking...

Jessie (left) got it a little worse than I did...

On the way back home we made a much needed pit-stop at the San-Tan Brewery for a couple of delicious microbrews for the guys and draft raspberry cider for the ladies. We have really liked this place more and more when we just want to go out and grab a drink or two, usually a pretty good crowd without ever feeling packed and a great bar that opens up to the patio thanks to roll up doors that let in the cool desert air (at least this time of year...).

When we got home we had a few more rounds of drinks, followed by a few rounds of catch phrase, followed by setting up the projector screen in the back yard for dinner and a movie on the lawn! Standard December evening right?...

"V for Vendetta" was a pretty good flick, but don't ask Steve, he seemed to be more interested in the back of his eyelids... That makes Lawn=2 : Steve=0 on the weekend, for those keeping track at home. Some guys just can't handle Arizona... ;)

That pretty much wrapped up another crazy weekend as Steve and Jessie were off to the airport early the next morning for hopefully a much smoother trip home. Many thanks to the Koellhoffers for coming out to visit us! We hope to see you again soon.

Next up: Dad and little brother Ryan move in from MT for a week of golf and relaxing.

We are currently taking reservations for 2011! :) Shoot us an email and let us know when you're coming!

There's more where this came from. Stay tuned,


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