Friday, January 28, 2011

Robbie Fox

January has been a fun month for Conor & I.  We have mostly been enjoying the sunshine we have down here in AZ and exploring a little bit more.  This Christmas was full of many Groupon presents, so we have had many date nights at new places.  Here's a little look at our January!

We had our first round of golf of the new year!  72 degrees is perfect golfing weather, and I even got a little tan while we were out.  We played at a course down in Casa Grande (where Conor works).  The course was surprisingly empty, which is good for me since I still tend to take awhile getting through 18 holes.  At about hole 6, an older gentleman named David showed up behind us and wanted to join.  I warned him that my skills weren't top notch but he didn't seem to care.  The pressure was on.....luckily I did alright and only had a few whiffs!  At least I'm over being embarassed about it.  We barely squeezed in a full round before it was dark, so we had to rush through the last few holes.  However, we did get some fun sunset shots.  You are not allowed to make fun of my swing, I am still a beginner!

On Sunday of this same weekend, I got up early (ish) and made Conor & I a big breakfast as we prepared to watch the Seahawks vs. Bears game.  Earlier in the week, I spotted some maple blueberry breakfast sausage at Whole Foods that I was pretty excited to try.  And delicious it was, although I might have overcooked it a little bit...oops!  Along with eggs, toast, and champagne, we were full.  The Seahawks had a rough loss, which was disappointing, but we had quite a fun day nevertheless. 

In between football games and during halftime, we headed to our backyard for a fierce Blongo competition.  My brother Jon got this for us for Christmas and it has gotten plenty of use already.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Blongo, it's also referred to as ladder ball.  Every family should own a set, it is endless fun!

Another weekend, we went out on Mill Ave in Tempe for a "groupon" date.  The spot: Canteen Modern, a tequila bar and restaurant that hasn't been open for too long.  Everything was super tasty, and it was a very fun atmosphere.  We will definitely be heading back, especially as the weather warms up even more because they have lots of outdoor seating.  On our walk back to the car, we strolled past an irish pub called Robbie Fox that we just had to walk into.  Strongbow was on tap, so I was already a big fan!  It was pretty crowded, but we managed to find two open stools at the outdoor bar.  Immediately upon my sitting down, this obnoxious, drunk, smokey, older guy started chatting it up with me.  He had a thick irish accent and quite a dirty mouth.  I knew right then that this night was fixin' to get interesting!  He told me he was THE "Robbie Fox", owner of the pub.  I really didn't believe him at first due to how drunk he was, but I was wrong.  He soon became our best friend, talking nonstop for a good hour.  Although a little crazy, he was absolutely hilarious!  We covered a variety of subjects, one of which was the loss of the Seahawks....or in his words the Sh**hawks.  After one drink, we needed to head home, so we said goodbye to our good friend Robbie Fox and promised to return...

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  1. We LOVE Blongo!! Or as we call it "Norwegian Golf" - I have NO idea why we call it that.