Monday, March 28, 2011

Shh, We're Hunting Wabbits

March 17th, 2011, what a wonderful in so many ways! (1) St. Patrick's Day: Who doesn't love a reason to eat corned beef & cabbage and party 'cause/like you're Irish.  (2) March Madness Begins:  A day many people play hooky to stay home and watch college basketball!  Watching my bracket fail almost immediately.... not so fun.  (3) Our friends from Delaware, Quinn & Karen, arrived!

Quinn & Karen's flights weren't due in until til around 8pm, so Conor & I went back to Blue 32, the fun sports bar in Scottsdale we like, to watch the Gonzaga game.  The bar was packed: half full of sports fans, half full of people getting their Irish on.  We luckily snagged a table in the bar with a decent view of the game.  Zags, cider, & fried pickles....what a perfect combination!  Q & K called for us to come pick them up just as Gonzaga was clinching their first round win.  So we popped over to PHX to kick off a great weekend with our much missed friends, The McAllisters!

That evening, the four of us enjoyed catching up over a few cocktails.  And, of course, we played some Catch Phrase late into the evening!  The next day Conor had to go to work, while the rest of us slept in and had a lazy morning waiting for him to come home.  The weather was gorgeous (no clouds with temps in the lower 80s)!  The three of us enjoyed coffee and breakfast on the patio, while checking in on day 2 of March Madness.  Bloody Mary's & Blongo were next on the agenda....tough morning!

Finally Conor came home, and we all went out to lunch at a place called Oregano's.  I have received numerous recommendations for this place, so we finally were going to check it out.  The pizza was delicious; I can see why so many people like it!  However, our waiter was quite a boisterous, slightly obnoxious, 20-something who made for an interesting experience in itself!  Although he provided us with a little bit of entertainment, we were definitely ready to leave him behind at the end of our meal.  With full bellies, we headed back to our house for more....relaxing!

Q & K are some of the busiest people I know, so the main goal of the visit was just to relax and enjoy each others company.  And what better way to do that, than with cigars on the patio watching the sunset!  The rest of evening contained more basketball, more catch phrase, and more crazy antics into the evening.  We were even lucky enough to coax out Karen's Elmer Fudd voice out...."Shh,  we're hunting wabbits" became the new weekend slogan!

Per strict request by our visitors, Saturday was all about sun, beers, & baseball.  The four us went to Tempe to watch the Angels take on the Indians in quality spring training fashion.  This time we got lawn seats which were an excellent choice.  We arrived there a little early to snag a nice spot right in front of the fence.  It was a wonderful day!  While basking in the sun, we got to enjoy the game, munch on sunflowers seeds, and enjoy a couple refreshing beverages.  Absolute bliss!

On our way home from the game, we stopped at Whole Foods to get all the fixin's for sushi!  Since Conor & I were so successful the first time around, we decided to make it again and teach Q & K.  Once again, the rolls turned out great with the ahi tuna being everyone's favorite.  We all ate our fill and then changed into our "cozies" for a movie in the backyard.  It was a little chilly out that night and some of us were falling asleep, so we didn't end up making it through the whole film.  Is this a sign of age....?

Unfortunately, Sunday came around all too soon, and Q & K had to pack up and leave.  Their flight wasn't until late afternoon so we had time to do a little bar hopping before taking them to the airport.  First stop was our favorite wine bar, The Living Room.  At the rate I've been popping in here, I'll be a regular in a no time!  The place wasn't too busy, so we got one of the coveted couches outside.  The four of us enjoyed bruschetta, salads, sandwiches, and drinks as we relived our fun weekend... dreaming up plans for future visits!

The second stop was at SanTan Brewery, where we had a quick beer (or cider) and caught some of the basketball tournament.  One thing I love about this place is being able to sit at the bar and watch a game, all while being outside with a fan blowing on me.  Doesn't get much better than that!  All too soon, we reluctantly took our East coast friends to airport.  We said our good byes and promised to visit them out East as soon as we can....

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