Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bunnies, Lambs, & Chicks

 Happy Easter!

I love celebrating holidays, and Easter is no exception!  Conor & I have been traveling like crazy, so it was quite refreshing to have a weekend at home.  Saturday afternoon was spent dying Easter eggs...one of my favorite parts of this holiday!  I feel like my 1st grade self, scouring the house for a box of crayons while dreaming up the many amazing designs that will cover this year's batch of eggs!  While I was busy hunting down some crayons, I put Conor in charge of boiling the eggs....this proved to be a terrible decision...  I returned to the kitchen to find Conor peeling hard boiled eggs!!!  I very patiently (read: furiously) asked him why he was peeling the eggs...he calmly responded, "They are so much easier to peel while they are still hot."  He took one look at my face and realized his oops!  Apparently he was so excited about making egg salad sandwiches that he completely forgot we were going to dye the eggs first!  Silly Conor!  Luckily he had only peeled about 4, so there was still plenty of eggs left to make a dip into cups of vinegar & dye.

To my surprise, I woke up to a visit from the Easter Bunny!  There was a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table right next to a basket full of treats!  Cadbury mini eggs are my favorite Easter candy, and I enjoy a Peep now & than too because I feel like it is a must.  After giving my husband lots of hugs and kisses because he is the best ever, he told me there were more surprises outside...I peeked my head out the door and spotted a few plastic eggs!  Let the Easter egg hunt begin!!!  Some of you may be thinking that I'm a little old for all these holiday shenanigans, but you would be oh so wrong.  I consider these years to be practice for when Conor & I will be playing Easter bunny for our own kids.  ;-)

Our Easter morning continued with a delicious breakfast of Champagne (of course) and bagels with lox, yummers!  With full bellies, we headed to Ocotillo Golf Course to play a round.  This was my best round of golf yet!  Conor & I had such a fun time together and hope I keep my game up, we'll see...  Maybe this will become a new Easter tradition, depending on where we live in the future.  I had full intentions of having an Easter morning walk, but by the time we got moving it was already to hot...shucks!

We ended our wonderful day with a big Easter ham!  This is one of my absolute favorite meals; I think about it months before April even arrives!  The recipe is my Mom's and I'm pretty sure I've had it for every Easter.  The recipe calls for lots & lots of cloves to be poked in the ham and than you cover it with a glaze half way through the baking process.  Last, you serve it with a raisin sauce...tons of ooey gooey goodness!  For a side dish, I decided to make an onion tart.  This month I had found an onion tart recipe in both my Bon Appetit and Cooking Light magazine.  After looking them both over, I went with the Bon Appetit recipe which actually appeared to be healthier...interesting.  It was absolutely to die for!!!  It was so flavorful & rich that it seemed more like dessert than just a side.  I cannot wait to make this little drop of heaven again!
Next post:  Pictures of an adorable 4 month old named Tommy and my trip to Kansas!

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