Saturday, June 4, 2011

The City of Fountains

Get ready for some serious cuteness!!!
A few weeks ago I traveled to Kansas City (The City of Fountains...who knew), to visit my great friend Christina!  She has a 4 month old little boy named Tommy, and I am in love! :-)  I will get straight to the pictures because everyone loves baby pictures:

I loved Kansas from the minute I arrived!  As we were driving from the airport to the Scribner household, I couldn't get over how lush and green everything was!  I have definitely been in the desert much too long, because I get pretty darn excited about green trees now!  Freshly mowed green lawns, pretty flowers, wooded areas....I miss it all.  So Kansas was just what I needed!  Throw in my oldest friend and a baby, and I was in heaven!

The Scribners were wonderful hosts; I had such a fun and relaxing trip! While Donnie (her husband) was at work all day, Teeny & I spent our time chatting and playing with little Tommy.  It was so nice to be with a good girlfriend and just talk the day away.  It was just like our sleepovers from many years past!  I'm thinking that I need to move to Kansas, so that days like these can happen much more often.

One day, Teeny took me to downtown Kansas City for a little afternoon adventure.  It was such a beautiful city with lots of great shopping and food, two of my favorite things!  Later, we had a picnic lunch in this huge park which reminded me of Manito (for those of you Spokane people).  I could have stayed for months!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the baby bunny that Teeny & I rescued (read: trapped in a box)!  He could barely walk and had no mom, so we took it upon ourselves to help him.  Although it was so precious, Teeny was terrified of the bunny every time it tried to jump out of the box and get loose!  So alas, we let the baby bunny go....and we are positive that it found its mom and its home and is going to live a very long life! Thanks to us, of course. ;-)

I was so sad to leave, but Conor & I are going to make sure The Scribner Family make a visit to Arizona sometime this fall.  I need some more Tommy time soon....

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