Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eating for Two

This Thanksgiving was quite a bit different for me, since I didn't get to enjoy my usual mimosa, bloody mary, & wine!  However, Conor & I had a lot to be thankful for this year!  For me, the holiday starts on Wednesday (Prep Day) when I get all my grocery shopping done with every other woman cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  The busyness of the grocery stores is all part of the fun!  The rest of the day is spent brining my turkey (makes it so much more moist) and making pumpkin chiffon pie (my absolute favorite).  When Conor gets home from work that evening, he helps with the rest of the prep cooking so there's not as much to do the next day!

We started our morning with the second annual Thanksgiving Day Walk!  The weather was nice as usual, and it was great to get some exercising in before the big feast!  It's crazy to think that next year, we will be pushing a stroller during our walk...

Conor is a master in the kitchen; he litterally had the stuffing made and the turkey in the oven all while I was taking a shower and getting ready for the day!  We realized we were so prepared this year that we had a ton of down time to relax and watch some football.  This isn't nearly as fun without the morning cocktails, but I survived.  That afternoon, we went to the movie theater (as per tradition) and saw Arthur Christmas.  It was too cute and got me very excited for the holidays!

Our meal was excellent as always and such a fun evening to kick off the holiday season!  I couldn't help but thinking this is our last Thanksgiving as a family of two.  Next year, we'll be adding some steamed sweet potatoes to the menu! :-)

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