Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A tree, hot dog stand, presents, & pickles!

In an effort to catch up on this blog, I'm putting all of December into one post.  The month absolutely flew by and seemed like a blur...

As per tradition, Conor & I got our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  However, this year there would be not trip to the pub for some cider beforehand.  :'(  Conor thought I was crazy for decorating our house for Christmas even though our movers were arriving on December 20th!  I thought HE was crazy for actually suggesting that I wouldn't be putting up any decorations!  However, I did agree to do no outdoor lights as a compromise.

I got to enjoy our tree and everything else I decorated (which is quite a bit) for a solid three weeks!  Well worth the effort.  The night we put up our tree I got an early Christmas/Congrats-on-being-pregnant gift...a heart rate monitor!  I was very excited to get this so I could continue to work out and not have to worry about my heart rate getting too high.

The first weekend in December, we flew to Spokane for my good friend Andy's wedding.  I have always thought winter weddings were gorgeous, so I was really excited for this one!  I took practically no pictures unfortunately.  I have been terrible about using my camera lately....I need to get better about this before our baby is here!  While being the designated driver isn't my ideal role at a wedding, I still had a wonderful time!  We weren't planning on sharing the news of my pregnancy with friends yet, since I was only 7 weeks along, but after Conor had a few drinks in him the cat was out of the bag!  The highlight of the night was the hot dog stand right outside of the wedding reception!  What a fabulous idea.  Who doesn't love a late night hot dog?!

Back in Arizona, we said goodbye to friends and prepared for our big move.  Although the movers came before Christmas, Conor & I still had to fly back to AZ after the holidays to drive his car and our cats to Seattle.  It was such a busy month, with hardly any time to relax.  However, Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, and I made sure we enjoyed it!  This year we went the MT to spend Christmas with the Keenans.  It was a short visit, but I had such a great time experiencing all of their traditions with them.  Christmas Eve we went to Church and then had oyster stew with the whole family.  The next morning was stockings & cinnamon rolls followed up later in the day with more presents and a prime rib dinner.  Later into the evening we all had Wii "Just Dance" tournament...and I would just like to say that, yes, I won!!!  Not sure if it was my amazing moves or the fact that I was one of the few people that wasn't a couple glasses of wine deep!  We will never know...

The next morning, we got up super early and were on the road to Spokane was our second half of Christmas!  Unfortunately, my brother Ryan was really sick and missed out on the festivities this year.  It was a fun day filled with brunch (virgin mimosas for the pregnant gals), presents, many competitive games of Foosball & pool, and another delicious prime rib dinner!  This year my mom gave all of us girls (Shalan, Chelsea, & I) and Pandora bracelet with a baby carriage charm for all our little ones on the way!  Such a special gift that I absolutely love.  I have since added to it with a house (when we finally moved in) and a blue glass bead (when we found out Baby K was a boy).  This Christmas was all about baby and next year will be crazy when are the three wee ones crawling around!

New Year's Eve was spent at Spirit Lake.  We went to our favorite bar (of the three choices) The White Horse Saloon.  I was happy because they have the most amazing fried pickles ever!e!!  Seriously, they are the best.  I find myself thinking about those pickles all the time.  While everyone else was enjoying their drinks, I probably housed a whole order of pickles by myself!  Before the bar got too crazy, we headed back to my parents cabin where we played games and watched the ball drop.  I even stayed up til midnight, which at this point in my pregnancy was quite the accomplishment!

Hello 2012!  This is going to be such an exciting year.  Hopefully I will get better about blogging and taking pictures!

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