Monday, September 27, 2010

First Month in AZ

It's finally fall, but it's still hot.  Today: a nice 106 degrees.  So while the rest of you are enjoying your sweaters, uggs, hot apple cider, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin soup, and just plain old pumpkins...I'm looking at a cactus and sweating.  I've finally put up some fall decorations which I'm pumped about, so that will have to be enough of a fix for now.  Not sure if or when this area will get some pumpkins, but I am on the lookout!

At our neighborhood pool

Conor and I are finally settled in and can begin to call our house "home."  Most of the organizing is done, and we are able to relax.  We've still been traveling a lot; I haven't been here for longer than a week at a time, but slowly I am learning the area.  We have had so much fun using some of our wedding gifts for the first time: pasta maker, pizza stone, seafood set, new wine glasses, etc!!! Thanks to all, we have thoroughly beeen enjoying all of our new things.

Now that we've had homemade pasta, I don't think I can ever go back to buying it...sooo much better!

As you can see, we've been eating & drinking quite well!

We've also ventured out a little bit, and had a fun date night at a place called The Living Room.  Very good food and wine and of course our favorite......cheese boards!  We've also discovered that a golf course right down the street from us, Lone Tree Golf Club, has a 2 person scramble on Friday nights called the Friday Fiasco.  We've played once and took 2nd place.  I'm pretty impressed my performance considering we actually used some of my shots, and there were no whiffs :-) Hopefully this will become a regular occurence in my golf game.  It was such a fun night...we're hoping that Conor will be able to leave work early every once in awhile so we can keep playing in this!

We'll keep ya posted on how we're enjoying Arizona once we venture out more.  Next on my list: find a pumpkin farm and an Oktoberfest!

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