Monday, September 6, 2010

When in... Vegas...

The day after TJ & Erin's wedding, we got up early and hit the road to Vegas. About 6 hours later we arrived at the Monte Carlo. This hotel had the most powerful, loud, and scary toilets ever! It never failed to surprise us with every use. Ryan was already at the hotel and waiting for us. He had already been successful in the Casinos and was ready to party!

We headed straight to the pool for drinks and some floating in the lazy river! Randomly, I ran into my friend Andrea Wilkins (now Andrea Leslie) from grade school. What a small small world Spokane is that you run into people from home everywhere you go.

The rest of the trip was a blur or eating, drinking, and gambling. Later that night we saw a peep show called... The Peep Show... where Ryan got pulled up on stage to meet Holly and the girls. So there I was in Vegas, with my brother, watching a peep show together...kinda weird. But the show was great and I would definitely recommend it. After a late night dinner we somehow wandered back to our room where Ryan and Conor were pretty pumped about their black ($100) chips!

The next day we went to the Wet Republic pool party at the MGM grand. There was lots of people-watching, including this one girl completely done up and wearing high heels (at the pool!... one of many actually...) who booty danced for about 2 hours right in front of us... She got annoying very quickly. The drinks were delicious, particularly the best pina coladas we have ever had! Later that night, we were back at the Monte Carlo hitting the tables (mostly blackjack and roulette). Ryan & I were very successful, but the same can't be said for Conor...some guys just can't handle Vegas! We went to the Playboy club (cool but somewhat boring) and then the ghost bar...which we all loved and the view was spectacular! On our way back to the hotel we made a pit stop at the Spearmint Rhino...enough said there.My only complaint of the weekend was Ryan's snoring. I spent the nights slapping him with the room service menu to get him to stop, pretty entertaining from Conor's perspective. By the third day, we were pretty exhausted (especially Ry from fending off housekeeping with "Go Back, Go Back!!!" from the bathroom). So after a late lunch, we hit the road back to Phoenix!

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