Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marissa's Wedding Week

After only a week of unpacking in Arizona, Conor and I flew up north for his sister, Marissa's, wedding! We spent a few days in Spokane & Spirit Lake before making our way to Montana. One afternoon in Spirit Lake was spent at the White Horse Saloon. This is one of the 3 bars on main street, and the Simpson Family's favorite. The bartender greeted us with $1 can of Hamms for the boys and small bottles of cooks with a side of orange juicefor the girls. Sometimes the bartender will give us glasses full of ice with straws as well. This we have dubbed as mimosas Spirit Lake style! Add in two orders of fried pickles (another Simpson family favorite) and you've got a perfect afternoon.

We left Spirit Lake on Sunday morning for a full week in Montana. Once you get off of I-90 it's a gorgeous drive to the Keenan's house on Flathead Lake. The ride was uneventful, but of course included a stop at M & S meats for some buffalo jerkey....mmmm so good! It was great to see Conor's family, as this was our first visit since we got married. I was officially a part of the Keenan family! This visit was my favorite yet.

One of our first nights there was spent on the Keenan's undeveloped property right on the lake. We got take-out from the Big Fork Inn (his family's restaurant) and brought a few bottles of wine. I was in heaven eating tootsie rolls (the most amazing appetizer the BFI offers) and drinking red wine with my new family.
Another highlight of the week was The Float.  Marissa & Sam got all their wedding party, friends, and family together to float down the Swan River.  Conor went and purchased many fun floaties including hippos, an island (which we called the honeymoon suite), and a jet ski.  My best friend Amanda rode the jet ski and was quite successful, although she felt like she had ridden a horse for hours after!  Lots of PBR, Coors lite, and my personal favorite, Twisted Tea, was consumed by all. 

After float, I went to Marissa's bachelorette party at her friend's cabin, also on Flathead Lake.  Fun was had by all over great cocktails, food, coversation, and skinny dipping!  The lake was quite chilly that evening, and the plunge kinda took your breath away.  The swim was quickly ended due to a lightening storm that began while we were all in the water.  Ruined our skinny dipping fun, but was incredible to watch!

The next day we had Marissa's rehearsal dinner which took place at Sam's parents house.  It was a delicious dinner, with once again terrific drinks and great company.  I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Conor's family this week and really got to know Sam & Marissa a whole lot better.  They are so great together and will have many years of happiness I am sure.  Also included with these two is their daughter Aria.  I'm pretty excited to be an instant Aunt!

After the rehearsal dinner, Conor & I met up with my parents who were now in Montana for the wedding.  We went to the Garden Bar for drinks.  Anyone who has been to Bigfork has been the this bar.  It's a classic.  It's also where Conor bought my dad a shot of Pendleton, preparing him for the news that he was going to ask me to marry him.  Lots of fun memories from there.

Finally, the day of the wedding!  As most of you know, I love weddings!  Love them! Marissa got married down on her family's property.  Her dad, Bob, put in a lot of hard to make the site beautiful and it was!  With the lake as a backdrop, the whole thing was breathtaking.  And Marissa was an absolutely stunning bride with a gorgeous dress!
The reception was held at the Bigfork Inn.  Again delicious food and cocktails.  There were a few specialty drinks offered, one of which was a Bloody Mary.  Since this week I have been on a bloody mary craving, mmmm!  Sam & Marissa had their ice-cream truck/trailor at the reception which was a huge hit.  My personal favorite is the Lemon Dill.  They have a shop in Whitefish called SweetPeaks.  If you are ever in the neighborhood be sure to check them out!  Back to the wedding...for entertainment they hired Erik Fingers.  He is an incredible one man band and was a huge hit.  The dance floor was full all night.  He even lets people in the crowd play his washboards, which quickly became popular.  Marissa and her dad were out there together, and then Sam presented all the bridesmaids with spoons for some more washboard playing.  Even Scott & Shari were caught on the floor late in the evening, in one of my favorite pictures of them! :-)
All in all a great night! I already can't wait for the next trip to Montana.

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