Monday, November 15, 2010


Conor & I love game nights and are always looking for new games!  We're both very competitive which makes for an interesting game every time, and I think I embarass Conor sometimes when we're playing with lots of friends!  I definitely get it from my family, which you would know if you ever tried to play Catch Phrase (or as my dad says, catch-a-phrase) with us.  There is usually lots of shouting, accussing, and angry people amongst all the fun that we're having.  Conor & I have even been known to ferociously play multiple games of speed monopoly.

Our game closet is filled with the standards: apples-to-apples (another simpson family favorite, shouting included), mexican train, the game of things, monopoly, and anything cranium.  But finally Conor & I got a little adventurous.....

So for all you crazy Settlers of Catan fans, I bring you: Carcassonne!

But no worries, although this may seem a little over the top nerdy on our part, you will not see us dressed up in the park fighting with swords or anything of that nature! 

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