Monday, November 22, 2010

My Favorite Things

If Oprah can do it, so can I!  So here is a list of what I'm loving right now!

Tom & Jerry's:  It is a holiday favorite in the Simpson household.  Pretty much consists of bourbon & apricot brandy, hot water, and topped with a dollop of whipped sugar and egg.  Sprinkle with nutmeg.  Very strong, it has taken me years to appreciate this holiday treat.  The Spokane Club throws a tom & jerry's party ever Christmas, but I have yet to attend.
Worcestershire:  I have been putting this on everything lately....burgers, edamame, chex mix, bloody marys, pumpkin seeds, tortilla soup, sauted with mushrooms and onions, etc.  I absolutely cannot get enough of it!  If it's in a recipe, I at least double it.
Timbuk2:  Their bags are the greatest.  Realistic for everyday use, and so cute at the same time!
Pearls:  Channeling my Audrey Hepburn and sporting these beautiful things all the time.  And not to mention Julia Child who would wear a full string of exquisite pearls while cooking.  Earring, necklaces, bracelets, rings...all are this girl's best friend.  Maybe one day I will even get my hands on some Mikimotos!
Kir Royal:  The best new drink!  Nothing is as refreshing as champagne with a little black cherry liquor splashed in, mmm mmm mmm.
Vera Bradley:  My East Coast girlfriends turned me onto this brand.  So many patterns, so many do you choose?  I want a diaper bag so bad...and not for its said purpose right now...but because of it's size and numerous pockets!
Kindle:  I love mine and think that everyone should have one.  Also, I heard from a little birdy recently that they are coming up with a way to be able to "lend" books on your kindle to others for 2 weeks.  This is the best news because Conor isn't too happy with all of my amazon purchases.
Northface:  Everyone from the Northwest has to love this brand!  Nothing is cozier.
Trump Wollman Ice Rink:  People seem to think that the Rockefeller Ice Rink is the place to be in NYC, but they are all so wrong.  The Rockefeller rink is small, over crowded, and has a time limit!  The Trump Ice Rink is way better and in Central Park.  Think Serendipity: the skating scene in that film was in Central Park.
Whistler:  If you haven't been, go immediately!  This is best thing Canada has to offer.  Even if you don't ski or board, the shopping, restaurants, and scenery will satisfy you.  I haven't been in 3 years, but hope Conor & I will make it back soon!
Dry Soda:  A Seattle company developed by a woman who appreciated wine paired with food but needed something else to drink during her many pregnancies.  The flavors are so unique but taste delicious.  I would equate the drink to more of a sparkling water than a soda because it is not sweet.  My favorite flavor is Lavender.  Drink that with some lavender goat cheese and it is perfection.  Hard to find sometimes, but Whole Foods usually has it.  In Spokane it's at main market and possibly Huckleberries.
Glee:  I have officially become a Gleek and am trying to convert Conor, no luck so far.
Fro-yo:  Not TCBY fro-yo (although I do still love their white chocolate mousse), but the real stuff.  I only like the tart flavors though.  Most recently I fell in love with pomegranate tart.  Top with mini gummi bears and I have my favorite dessert.  Yogurtland is all over the southwest, and Spokane just got Froyo Earth.
Nordstrom:  Always has and always will be one of my favorite things!  Everyone loves when that silver box appears at birthdays, christmas, or just because.  I am a Nordies girl!
Candles:  I went to a candle part (similar to a tupperware party) about 3 years ago and it has since changed my life.   The best candle brand in my book:  Gold Canyon.
Cooking Light:  Love their magazine as well as their cookbooks.  Conor calls it "cooking with white wine" since any recipe with milk or cream is substituted with wine.  No complaints here.
Keenan Wine Club:  Not many wineries in AZ, so the local selection isn't great.  Solution: join a wine club.  A couple times a year you get wine deliveries to your front door of bottles that aren't distributed.  We got our first one last week and are quickly filling up our wine cellar.  I'm sure we'll tap into the collection on Turkey Day.
Dairy Club:  Speaking of clubs, Conor & I just joined  a dairy club at a local farm.  Twice a month we go pick up fresh milk, butter, cheese, ice-cream, and a mystery item.  All things I love.  This week's mystery item was Bananas Foster bread.  Pretty excited to try that with our molasses butter.  Looks like I'll be hitting the holiday food hard this year!
Conor Keenan:  Of course the love of my life is one of my favorite things!  Married life has been wonderful, and I couldn't be happier. 


  1. My lovely daughter...........they are now and always have been Tom and Jerry's. Love, Dad

  2. You are such a great blogger! I was laughing so hard at your Cooking Light comment, because that's pretty much what Ben says, but I love it anyways. I MUST try a Tom & Jerry's and your new fave champagne drink - that sounds delicious. And I am picking up Dry Soda on your recommendation when I am in Spokane for Thanksgiving - I have a preggo friend that would love it! Happy Thanksgiving, Laura - to you both!
    Christy (: