Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Spooky

Another fun fun weekend for us!

On Friday, Conor & I decided to have a date night.  While I was getting ready for the evening, Conor was on the phone with our cable company 'cause the cable/internet wasn't working.  Him and this lady were just chatting it up and talking about their favorite restaurants....maybe she was trying to get a date?  Nonetheless, we took the overly friendly respresentative's advice and went to her favorite restaurant in Chandler.  Si Senor was a New Mexican style restaurant and quite spicy, but very delicious.  Guess the cable lady knew what she was talking about.  After dinner we went to the San Tan Brewery in downtown Chandler, where we met up with one of Conor's coworkers.  I really enjoyed downtown Chandler.  It was nice to get away from the strip mall atmosphere that seems to be everywhere in AZ.  I happily sipped on my hard cider and watched fireworks....we think downtown was celebrating el Dia de los Muertos a few days early.

Saturday was a lazy stay-at-home day.  We finally sat down to choose pictures for our wedding album.  Narrowing down 600 pictures to 140 is quite took hours.  Now I can't wait to get the album.  Since we were on a roll with the pictures we decided to order our christmas cards now and get that done.  Get excited...the Keenan Family's very first Christmas card will be hitting your mailboxes in early December!  That night we made pizzas together...a great friend gave me this phenominal recipe for a chicken, mushroom, lemon artichoke pesto pizza!  (love and miss ya Ali)!  I was trying to get into the Halloween spirit and wanted to watch a scary movie.  This took some convincing 'cause Conor hates horror films.  We finally decided to watch Paranormal Activity, so we'd know what everyone is talking was horrible!  The biggest waste of my time and not scary.  I only jumped a tad at the very end.  I've had scarier nightmares!

Finally, Halloween was here.  To me, Halloween kicks off the holiday season.  This is the first year I've been able to carve pumpkins outside in 85 degree weather while wearing shorts.  Kinda different.  Any of you who have carved pumpkins with me before will know that I am horrible at it.  I've practically been carving the same thing since I was ten.  It's embarassing.  So this year I was determined to step up my game!  I found a pumpkin pattern that I liked online and used that.  About an hour and half later, I had a pretty sweet ghost!  So proud of it.  Conor carved a spider which proved to be a little more difficut and he had a few issues...but nothing that some toothpicks couldn't fix.

Conor had some chili cooking in the crockpot all day.  He came up with the recipe last year during the 2nd horrible snowstorm that Delaware had.  If the news ever reported that a storm was coming, east coasters hit the grocery stores with a vengence, stock piling milk, eggs, bread, and toilet paper.  The northwest blood Conor and I have in us just wouldn't allow for this kind of behavior.  So the day after that bad storm Conor and our friend Quinn walked to store so we could have dinner.  Because of that blizzard, we now have  cravings for Conor's Snowstorm Chili!  Mmmmm.  I had some spiced cider brewing on the stove...add in some Jim Beam bourbon and it's a little drop of holiday heaven.  Skyping with lots of family and friends made for a perfect night!

This year we had so many trick-or-treaters.  I couldn't have been happier! But we almost ran out of candy which would have been a travesty.  The kids loved our decorations, which were all thanks to Conor.  He set up spooky music and created this little disaster under our garage...and asked the kids if they'd seen Joe...

Let the holiday season begin!

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  1. 1) Thanks for the blog shout out!! Best pizza EVER!
    2) You probably should have mentioned that Conor was carving his pumpkin in a tank top. Phoenix Conor wears tank tops!
    Miss you guys!